Foot and ankle pain got you down?  Have you been diagnosed with an inflammatory condition like tendonitis, bursitis, or arthritis which has not been improving with first line therapies?  Have you been told that surgery is your only next step?  Here at Hosey & Murphy Foot and Ankle Center(s) we are pleased to offer you advanced therapies and biologics which in some conditions may help alleviate pain and discomfort without major surgery, or prolong time to surgery.

“My personal favorite advanced therapy is PRP or platelet rich plasma.  Not only has PRP been shown to reduce pain and inflammation in a wide array of conditions like tendinitis, fasciitis, and it can even reverse some of the damaging effects of arthritis in joints, reducing both pain and inflammation.  PRP is both a cost effective, and extremely low risk procedure as the patient’s own blood is utilized for treatment, thus no reactions to a foreign product.  The injections can be given right in the office with no need for anesthesia and really no more painful than a standard injection, and often to multiple areas (ie. both heels) with one treatment”

Dr. Patterson, DPM, FACFAS

Come in to see one of our board certified foot and ankle surgeons to discuss if advanced biologics could provide a great option for pain relief and healing for you. The procedures can be done in office, with really no down time following their administration. The option of PRP is a great alternative to the mainstream corticosteroid injections, where the patient’s own blood is drawn, and spun down and to separate the platelets and healing factors which are then injected into the area(s) of concern. Other available treatments may include stem cell injections, advanced skin substitutes for wound healing, and self regenerative skin grafts all in the comfort of an outpatient setting.

** Note advanced biologics are not covered by all insurances and costs do vary. Our practice strives to bring you the best quality and availability of treatment options, at the best cost possible. Please speak to one of our certified foot and ankle physicians about options available to you and competitive pricing if not covered under your insurance plan.

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